Rukhovich Fhilip

  • Twice prize-winner and absolute winner of Russian Olympiad in Informatics for all secondary school students (2007-2009);
  • Finalist ACM ICPC 2014;
  • Absolute winner of individual MIPT Open Olympiad;
  • Finalist of All-Russia open computer championship CROC 2013 and Russian Code Cup 2014;
  • Winner of KPI-Open 2013 and Open computer championship in Grodno;
  • Lecturer (Algoritms and Data Structures) and programming coach at MIPT.


Stepanov Ilya

  • KPI-Open winner (2017);
  • Fifth place of NEERC (2017);
  • Second place of BSUIR-Open (2018);
  • Fifth place of Petrozavodsk Programming Camp (2017 summer, 2018 winter);
  • Ural Championship winner (2018).

Zban Ilya

  • ACM ICPC World Champion (2017) and Bronze Medalist (2018);
  • VK Cup 3rd Place (2015) and finalist (2016);
  • Distributed Code Jam finalist (2015);
  • CodeChef SnackDown 2nd place (2016) and finalist (2017);
  • Yandex Algorithm finalist (2016, 2017, 2018).

Sporyshev Maxim

  • Coach of Far Eastern Federal University ICPC teams 
  • Teacher of Far Eastern informatics camps for school students



Klenin Alexander

  • Director of Far Eastern ICPC quaterfinal 
  • Director of Far Eastern informatics camps for school students





Suvorov Egor

  • ACM ICPC World Champion (2014) and Silver Medalist (2013)
  • International Olympiad in Informatics: 5th place and Gold Medal (2012), Silver Medal (2011)
  • Google CodeJam finalist (2015)
  • Co-coach at Russian IOI Selection Camps (2012-present) 



Kurenkov Vladimir

  • Teacher of the Department of Engineering Cybernetics NITU MISIS. The course "Combinatorial theory and Graph theory"
  • Teacher of the IT school in Samsung. The course "Development of applications for Android"
  • Teacher Lyceum HSE and Lyceum 1580. Preparation students for the Olympiad in Informatics