Winter Computer Camp 2016

Between 25 February and 5 March 2016*, the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology will host the seventh Winter Computer Camp (WCC-2016) in Dolgoprudny (Moscow Oblast). Students of upper grades are welcome to participate.

  Warning! The dates of the Winter Computer Camp have shifted due to changes in schedules of other events.

The programme of the WCC-2016 features:

  • Daily study contests: preparation to the Open Olympiad Finals and final stages of national Olympiads in programming.

  • Informatics, programming and mathematics Olympiads.

  • Lectures by employees of MIPT base organizations on real tasks in the IT Industry.

  • Lectures by professional scientists on combinatorics.

  • Sports and intellectual fun activities.

The Methodist of this year's Winter Computer Camp is Mikhail Tikhomirov.

Study process Participants will be divided into three classes by the results of the introductory contest that will take place on day one. After this, the camp will feature 6 common study days that include a contest and an analysis and some lectures in the second half of the day (on algorithms, data structures and scientific topics). Besides, there will be an Olympiad and the results of it can provide with additional points upon admission to MIPT.

How to get to the camp:

  1. Fill the registration blank.

  2. Participate in WCC online selection tours. Please note that admission to the WCC is only available by the results of the selection tours.

    • The first selection tour will take place on 26 December at 15:00 UTC+03.

    • The second selection tour will take place on 17 January at 15:00 UTC+03.

    • The third selection tour will take place on 24 January at 15:00 UTC+03.

    • The fourth selection tour will take place on 7th February at 10:00 UTC+03.

      Update: due to technical difficulties, English speaking participants couldn't participate in the fourth selection round. Due to this, the Organizing Committee decided to carry out another selection round on 14 February at 15:00 Moscow Time. Everyone is invited to participate in this round, but preference will be given to foreign participants preeminently.   Logins and passwords are sent out in several steps when a tour nears the beginning. In order to receive your login and password, you need to register up until one hour before the beginning of the tour. The rules can be found in the block to the right or by following the link the link.

Cost of participation:

  • Free participation is guaranteed to winners and awardees of the final stage of the All-Russian Olympiad for School Students (and CIS Olympiads) in Informatics and Mathematics.

  • 15900 Rubles for participants of final stages of national Olympiads for school students in informatics and mathematics.

  • 26900 Rubles for all other participants.

In case of occurance of any questions, please use the email address of the Organizing Committee: