Winter Computer Camp 2018

From February 26 to March 7, 2018 MIPT will host the eighth Winter Computer Camp (WCC-2018) in the city of Dolgoprudny. High school students are welcome to participate.

During WCC, you will be able to participate in the final round of the second level Olympiad Technocup on March 4.

The WCC-2018 schedule features:

  • Daily study contests: preparation to the Open Olympiad Finals and final stages of national Olympiads in programming.

  • Educational lectures and thematic contests.

  • Lectures by employees of MIPT base organizations on real tasks in the IT Industry.

  • Sports and intellectual fun activities.

The Methodist of this year's Winter Computer Camp is Mikhail Tikhomirov.

Study process

There will be four selection tours and the second one will be on November 26.. The final list will be based on total rankings of all four tours. Don't worry if you fail to pass one of the tours, maybe you will have more luck in the next one! The rules can be found here.

Studying at WCC is divided into general coaching contests and thematic lectures with practice. In the beginning of the camp, all participants will be divided into three divisions A, B and C, based on the introductory contest results. We will also take your results on Olympiads and selection contests into consideration. Your divison defines the difficulty of coaching contests you will be given. We will try to come up with an optimal level for your trainings, and in case you find your division to be too difficult or easy, you will be able to switch it. After each contest you will be able to do tasks analyses and upsolve them in free time.

How to get to the camp:

  1. Fill the registration blank. To fill it in, you have to register on the website.

  2. Participate in WCC online selection tours. Please note that selection to the WCC is only available by the results of the selection tours. Logins and passwords will be sent on emails in several steps around the beginning of a tour. In order to receive your login and password, you will need to register not later than an hour before the beginning of a tour.

    • First selection tour will be held in October 29 at 12:00pm UTC+03.

    • Second selection tour will be held in November 26 at 12:00pm UTC+03. .

    • Third selection tour will be held in December 23 at 12:00pm UTC+03. .

    • Fourth selection tour will be held January 21 at 12:00pm UTC+03. .

Cost of participation:

  • $400 - for participants of final stages of national Olympiads for school students in informatics and mathematics.

  • $800 - for all other participants.

For any other questions leave a message on this email: