Moscow Pre-Finals ACM ICPC Workshop

April 2 saw the end of the "Moscow Pre-Finals ACM ICPC Workshop", organized by ITMO University and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology this year. The event took the form of a training student camp for competitive programmers carried out at MIPT from March 26 to April 2.

The main purpose of the Workshop was to prepare student teams (Finalists of ACM ICPC season 2015/2016) for successful participation in the ACM ICPC World Finals, which is going to take place on the Phuket island at Prince Songkla University, one of the oldest universities in Thaland.

The Workshop hosted 111 students and lecturers from Russia, Great Britain, Serbia, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, Estonia and China. In total, the Workshop had 38 teams from 26 universities. Aside from finalist teams, there were also teams that didn't make it to the Finals, yet preparing themselves to the next season. For these teams, there was featured a special curriculum that included lectures in addition to contests.

Besides, there was also launched a traditional series of matches between select teams. Participants were split into 4 groups on the territorial basis: team Moscow, team World, team North and team of the Northeastern Region; and each of the groups had 5 teams from various universities. The competition took the form of a tournament where the Northeastern Region team won: it featured teams from Nizhny Novgorod Saratov, Yekaterinburg and Minsk, all solved 55 problems in total. It's interesting that team World with participants from China and Ukraine also solved 55 problems, albeit having spent just a little bit more time and thus ending up on the second place.

Judging by positive feedback from participants, coaches and lecturers, the event turned out to be successful. For example, the participants from the Tomsk Politechnical University who occupied the first spot in the Division B pointed out the informativity and availability of lectures, as well as diverse leisure time. The team from the Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Shanghai, China) who occupied the third spot in the division A paid special attention to how well the event was organized and how well the curriculum was thought-out.

Congratulations to winners of both divisions: teams of the Saint Petersburg State University, ITMO University, Shaghai Jiao Tong University, Tomsk State University, Belorussian State University and the Immanuel Kant Baltic State University! We wish you good luck in future championships and new medals in Thailand!

The corporations JetBrains, Group and Yandex, as well as AIM TECH, Botan Investments and WorldQuant acted as partners of the Workshop.

All results of contests and matches can be found here: