Moscow Subregional Contest ACM ICPC 2016

Moscow ACM ICPC Subregionals 2016, the first stage of the world's largest programming championship, has been held in October 16 for teams from Moscow and Moscow region.

248 teams of three members from 28 universities participated in the championship and this is a record high number of universities at the Moscow Regionals. MIPT was represented by 75 teams from 8 faculties with students of all grades.

The contest was simultanously held on four platforms in Moscow: at MIPT, MSU, NRU HSE and University MISiS. The main guests of MIPT was the team SPbSU Base, last year's world champions, consisting of Igor Pyshkin, Aydar Sayranov and Stanislav Yershov. The team participated hors concours and took the first place in the scoreboard, becoming the champions of Moscow.

It was the first time the contest was held based on the Yandex.Contest platform. Click the link to see all results.

Teams that solved 5 or more tasks were awarded with certificates. Out of 34 awarded teams 13 were MIPT teams.
The Subregionals defined teams that passed into the Regionals. 21 teams passed into the Regionals this year. The highest quotas per university were received by MIPT with 6 teams, MSU with 4 teams and HSE with 4 teams, the remaining universities may only be represented with up to 2 teams.

Congratulations to the students of DIHT and DCAM faculties:

  • Moscow IPT Jinotega: Ivan Smirnov, Konstantin Semionov, Artsiom Zhuk;

  • Moscow IPT Fire Ferrets: Olga Kalinichenko, Ilya Stepanov, Andrei Sergunin;

  • Moscow IPT Amethysts: Andrei Popovkin, Alexander Proskurin, Yevgeny Belykh;

  • Moscow IPT Nonsense: Artem Komendantyan, Maxim Machula, Alexander Kulkov;

  • Moscow IPT MMS: Mikhail Makarov, Mikhail Mosiagin, Stepan Kalinin;

  • Moscow IPT MUR: Dmitry Murzin, Dmitry Ulyanin, Ilya Romanenko.

Congratulations on passage into the Regionals and good luck in the next stage, which will be held in the Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO).

Thanks to our partners: Mail.Ru Group, Sberbank Technologies, JetBrains, NIX and Yandex for supporting this event.

All photos can be found on the link