Moscow Competitive Programming Festival 2017

This weekend the Phystechpark hosted the Moscow Competitive Programming Festival, held within the framework of Two Capitals Cup. The Festival was organized by Laboratory for IT-Education Development of MIPT, and the Two Capitals Cup by two major universities: MIPT and SPbSU. Partners and sponsors of the event were the companies Mail.Ru Group, NIX, Jet Brains and Megafon

It's the fourth time the Festival is being held. As always, the event was divided in two days: on the first day the participants did the trial and Personal rounds, and on the second day the Team round for Two Capitals Cup. There was also a lecture on the second day by Megafon, partners of the event, after which winners were awarded.

The students of the following leading Russian programming universities took part in the Festival: MSU, NRU HSE, UrFU, ITMO University, MAI, MISiS, MIET,  Kazan Federal University, PermSU  and PetrSu. For the first time the Festival was attended by foreign teams that came to participate in Moscow Pre-Finals ACM ICPC Workshops, which started on April 10. Foreign participants cam from the following universities: University of Tokyo (Japan), University of New South Wales (Australia), Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain), BSUIR (Belarus), Lviv University (Ukraine).

In the Personal round, the best result was shown by Mikhail Ipatov from MSU with 7 solved problems out of 8. Another high result (6 out of 7) was shown by students Alexey Daniliuk from NRU HSE and Alexander Ostanin from MIPT.

In the Team round the team from Australia, U of New South Wales: AbishforesT (Fisher, Huda, Li), was victorious; the second and third places were taken by team NRU HSE 0 (Daniliuk, Kraskevich) and team MIPT Jinotega (Semenov, Smirnov, Zhuk). 10 out of 10 problems was solved by team from University of Tokyo Cxiv-Dxiv Liu, Kasaura, Kumabe).

The problems used in the Personal round were taken from among those that participated in MIPT Problems Challenge 2017 which was held within a few weeks before the Festival. Problem authors were awarded with valuable prices: first place and a self-balancing unicycle RUSWHEEL X1 was presented to Maxim Machula (MIPT DIHT, 1 grade), second place was taken by Artem Komendatyan (MIPT DIHT, 1 grade), having received a self-balancing scooter SMART BALANCE AMG. Third place was taken by a remote participant from China - Xi Lin, he received smart watches Pebble.

For the first time, the Festival was hosted in Barcelona, not just Moscow and Saint Petersburg where participants could solve the Personal and Team rounds in the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

Moscow Competitive Programming Festival is held annually at MIPT. The main goal of the event is to assemble teams for face-to-face programming competition with best teams of the world.

You can find photographs of the event here