ICPC coach to be IT-professor at MIPT

Starting at September Mikhail Tikhomirov, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Moscow Workshops ICPC trainer, will be a professor at the MIPT Department of Innovation and High Technologies.

He is going to held lectures in programming for the  most talented students of the 1st and 2nd courses at MIPT Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics of “Applied Mathematics and Informatics”, “Applied Mathematics and Physics” in The Phystech School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics.

Mikhail Tikhomirov trains student teams from all over the World for ICPC championship and is the MIPT teams coach. Under his guidance MIPT Cryprozoology won golden medal (2nd place) at ICPC Finals 2018, Jinotega team achieved gold medal ICPC 2016 and silver medal ICPC 2017. As a conclusion, while students from all over the world participate at Moscow Workshops ICPC to be prepared to the champion, MIPT students have now the possibility to be well trained just within studying at its department.

Mikhail Tikhomirov has also trained Russian national team for IOI 2018. This year for the first time school students workshops were held at MIPT university.

Moreover, new MIPT professor has achieved the status of finalist in Topcoder Open and Russian Code Cup 2014 and 2015.

School students who participated in Moscow Workshops Juniors and IOI-workshops now have the opportunity to continue work with Mikhail as university 1st course students. So we set connection between students and university. In The Phystech School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics for highly qualified students there  were always organized one-two special groups. It gives great chance for the students to improve their talent“, said MIPT Vice-Rector, Founder Moscow Workshops ICPC Alexey Maleev.

The lectures course held by Mikhail Tikhomirov will last over 3 semesters. Within 1st semester will be studied basic algorithms, within 2nd one - object-oriented programming, within 3rd one – algorithms and data structures.