Сollegiate programming workshop Discover Singapore by Moscow Workshops ICPC

On the Discover Singapore by Moscow Workshops ICPC, sponsored by Acronis and Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT), there is an exciting day today. In a unique city-state, in the School of Computing National Institute of Singapore, 70 students from 15 universities from Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Mexico and other countries are preparing for the ICPC championship in two divisions of different difficulty levels.

This Workshop is held in parallel with Riga and logically continues the series of Workshops that have a special mission this year - to inspire students to prepare not just for a ICPC World Finals, but for the ICPC World Finals, which Moscow will host for the first time by our team and all the great specialists around the World.

The official opening was outstanding: the central moment of the day that everyone had been expecting for very much was the thematic lecture by Acronis founder and CEO SB Serguei Beloussov. Students very actively accepted his ideas and experience of the company. Also to communicate with new students, the founder of the Moscow Workshops ICPC, ICPC WF 2020 in Moscow director and MIPT vice-rector Alexey Maleev crossed almost half the Globe. The performance of SIT Executive VicePresident Jürgen Brücker was also very warm welcomed by students, a lot of which were interested in joining the SIT scholarship program. Greetings from the host university were made by Associate Professor, Deputy Dean of the School of Computing National Institute of Singapore, Ng Teck Khim.

We highly appreciate such interaction between industry and the academic community on the field of education for young talents, and we are glad to see that outstanding company leaders are interested in worthy preparation of the future generation.