Get ready to MosCode Festival!

On February 10 be ready to qualify for MosCode Festival - ICPC WF rehearsal!

On March 16 and 17, 2019 MosCode will take place in Moscow. In it the strongest world teams striving for victory and acm-veterans will gather in the Phystech Park to compete for the prize cup.

The teams that passed the qualifying round on February 10 will be able to take part in MosCode. Students participating in the Moscow Pre-Finals Workshop ICPC 2019 training camp, the ICPC finalist teams of the 2018-2019 season as well as 30 teams from universities represented at the Moscow Programming Contest are accepted without selection. More information about the selection rules can be found by link.

Participation in MosCode is free, training and the competitive part will be held in English. Nonresident participants can pay for a accommodation at MIPT campus (Dolgoprudny), or independently book a hotel near the Phystech Park. For the participants of Moscow Pre-Finals ICPC Workshop 2019 accommodation and meals will be provided.

A week before the start of the MosCode Festival, MIPT will hold annual spring training for ICPC participants in the format of two divisions.

Thanks to our MosCode partner - Huawei.