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It's time to register for the Discover Singapore 2019 by Moscow Workshops ICPC

What can you do in a day? You can apply for the Discover Singapore Programming Workshop by Moscow Workshops ICPC!

Registration can still teleport you to Singapore for 8 days, from 21 to 28 September.
Deadline - September, 19
Hurry up to apply 

The Program Committee, headed by Mikhail Tikhomirov, coach of gold, silver and bronze ICPC medalists over the years, has created intense training program for you.

Grand celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Winter Computer Camp (Moscow Workshops Juniors)

March 4, 2019, in the MIPT Concert Hall we will celebrate the anniversary of the Winter Computer Camp, a camp for high school students, which provides an opportunity to prepare for the IOI and other IT-contests.

Alumni of the first Camp enrollment have already graduated from universities and many have achieved outstanding success in their careers and businesses. They will share their stories to inspire new participants to strive for heights. If you are a graduate of the winter camp of any set, we look forward to seeing you at MIPT on March 4, email us at