Shortened Schedule

As we have recently discovered, the majority of European Regional Contests will be held on the weekend on November 18-20. For those participants who need to depart for the Regionals or other contests before these dates, we came up with a shortened schedule with the possibility to participate in the first two blocks of the workshop out of three and depart on November 15 (or November 16) in order to prepare to important contests.
The scheme is the following:
3 study days (November 8, 9, 10) + 1 day off (November 11) + 3 study days (November 12, 13, 14) + 1 day off (November 15) + 3 study days (16, 17, 18 November). We are looking forward to seeing participants from all European regions in Moscow: you will be provided with extremely valuable practice right before the Regionals and still have several days left to rest.
Please note that the recommended date of arrival is November 7 (not later than the morning of November 8)
On November 8 we will provide a trial contest from 10:00am to 12:00am, and the main part of the Moscow International Workshop ACM ICPC 2016 will begin afterwards.
The cost of participation from November 8 to 15 is $450.
If you wish to participate on the shortened schedule, please check the required field in the registration form.