MIPT Fall Programming Training 2013

The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (state university) in collaboration with the Lomonosov Moscow State University organizes the Moscow Open Fall Programming for students. Date of the event: from 10th to 19th of Novermber, 2013.

The Training will be based on MIPT during the period between the Sub-Regional and Regional contests of the ACM ICPC Championship and are aimed at preparation to the Regional contest of ACM ICPC. The training schedule is planned to have 9 working days with everyday studying contests, tests, practice and lectures included.

The main contest moderator: Oleg Hristenko,
Open Team Programming Collegiate Cup coordinator;
Chief editor for Snarknews

The participation fee is:

  • 18.000 rubles (~ $500 or 375€) per participant with accommodation in the MIPT campus

  • 13.000 rubles (~ $360 or 270€) per participant without accommodation in the MIPT campus

The cost of the fee includes:

  • participation in educational activities

  • three meals a day

  • accommodation in a comfortable campus (in case the first fee is chosen)

The training schedule is planned to have a sports program that will include games in a sports hall, as well as going to a swimming pool. If you want to visit these events, don't forget to take sportswear and shoes with you, as well as swimming accessories (you will need a swim cap and a medical certeficate!) for the pool.

The number of rooms for living in the campus is limited. It's possible to occupy the hotel, which is located in close proximity to the training area. In this case, the participation fee per participant would be 13.000 rubles (~ $360 or 270€) and the cost of living in the hotel is paid seperately.

Participants and teams who want to take part in the Training need to pass a preliminary registration until 31st of October, 2013. We expect your propositions about which topics you would like to hear in the Training (topics can be specified in the registration blank).

It should considered that the number of places is limited. Teams that passed into the Regional Contests of the ACM ICPC championship will be in priority.

On the 1st of November 2013, the list of teams invited to participation in the Training will be submitted on the website.

In order to acquire a receipt for the participation fee, it should be paid for via a bank. Requisites and all sorts of additional information can be received via email: acm.training@phystech.edu