Discover Grodno by Moscow Workshops ACM ICPC

A competitive programming training bootcamp is to be hosted by Yanka Kupala Grodno State University in collaboration with Moscow ACM ICPC Workshops.

Dates: 15 - 25 August, 2017.


The main purpose of the camp is to prepare student teams that participate in ACM ICPC season 2017/2018 to successful performance in this competition.
The boot camp will be held in two divisions format. The curriculum of both divisions features contests, analyses and thematic lectures.
Division B is designed for participants of the ACM ICPC Regionals level and above. The official language of Division B is English.
Another division is Division C, which is designed for newcomers to the world of competitive programming. The official language of Division C is Russian.
The part of lectures will be for both divisions, also there will be thematic separate lectures for Division B and Division C.
The cost of participation per single person is:

  • 490 USD

The cost features the curriculum, food and accommodation at the Grodno State University campus and trip schedule on days-off.

Grodno State University, being located almost in the center of Europe, is one of the centers for ACM ICPC coaching. Among the events hosted at GrSU are: bootcamps and open competitive programming championships.

Recommended time of arrival: August 14, or 15 until 12:00am
Recommended time of departure: August 26, or 25 after 20:00 (8pm)

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