Moscow Subregional Contest ACM ICPC 2017


This year for the first time for increasing the popularity of the ACM ICPC among students the competition was held in two stages: Moscow Programming Contest (1/8) and Moscow Subregional (1/4). The Contest is organized by the Laboratory for IT-education Development at MIPT and Moscow State University.

Moscow Programming Contest



The first stage — Moscow Programming Contest — was held on October 8, 2017 at the different universities of Moscow such as Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), MSU, HSE, MAI, NUST MISIS, Bauman MSTU and others.



330 teams applied for participatation in the contest. It means that almost 1,000 students from Moscow region are interested in the world of competitive programming! 301 teams participated officially and 14 teams participated hors concours because of some limitations the competition has. For example, a team can be formed only by the representatives of the same university, and the participant needs to be born not earlier the 1st January 1994. Someone wanted to solve the contest individually and managed to solve all of suggested 11 problems!

Moscow Subregional



The second stage – Moscow Subregional – was held on October 22, 2017 at MIPT and MSU.



92 teams from 24 universities participated in the Contest and according to the results 23 teams proceed to the semifinals - Northern Eurasia Programming Contest - which will take place on December 2-3 in St. Petersburg. Teams that solved 7 or more tasks were given the first award, the second award was given to teams that solved 6 tasks and the third award went to teams that solved 4 and 5 tasks.



For the second year the Yandex.Contest platform is used for the competition.



Congratulations to the MIPT teams with a successful passage to the semifinals and good luck in the next round:


  • Moscow IPT: Cryptozoology (Ostanin, Golovanov, Uvarov);

  • Moscow IPT: Shock Content (Stepanov, Sergunin, Belykh);

  • Moscow IPT: Eurenfeucht gaming (Makarov, Kalinin, Sharipov);

  • Moscow IPT: Grand Duke Alex Kulkov (Machula, Komendantian, Semenov);

  • Moscow IPT: MmoRPg (Popovkin, Murzin, Romanenko);

  • Moscow IPT: Invictus (Buchnev, Kalinichenko, Proskurin).



Thanks to our partners: Huawei, Nix and Yandex for supporting this event.