How to get a visa (Vladivostok, Russia)

How to get a visa (Vladivostok, Russia)

If you need an invitation, you should write to the mail to Maxim Sporyshev:
Please, pay attention: There are countries, citizens of which can visit Vladivostok for 8 days with an e-visa.

Only citizens of the following countries can obtain an e-visa, the list of which is set out by the Government of the Russian Federation:

1. Algeria

2. Bahrain

3. Brunei

4. India

5. Iran

6. Qatar

7. The People's Republic of China

8. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea

9. Kuwait

10. Morocco

11. Mexico

12. The United Arab Emirates

13. Oman

14. Saudi Arabia

15. Singapore

16. Tunisia

17. Turkey

18. Japan
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