Information about boot camp in Grodno


1. How to get to Grodno 

If you get from Russia:
You can get to Grodno from Moscow, from Belorussky railway station. You need to check the schedule.
Trains also run from St. Petersburg, but not every day. More information can be found on the 
Probably, it will be more convenient for you to get to Grodno from Kaliningrad. You can do it by plane. However, keep in mind that flights are operated only a few times a week. From Kaliningrad to Grodno twice a week, so it is better to check the 
schedule in advance and book tickets.

If you get from BelarusGoing to Grodno from Minsk is one of the most convenient way. You can get by train, bus or minibus.

  • By train: several times a day from the Minsk-Passenger station, trains leave for Grodno. Approximate travel time: 5-7 hours. The schedule can be found here.
  • By bus: buses leave from Central Bus Station. A trip takes 3.5-4 hours. All options can be found here.

If you get from Europe:
To Grodno you can get by train or bus from several European cities: Vilnius, KrakowOdessa, Lviv.

  • From Vilnius to Grodno every day there are several buses. A trip takes about 3 hours. The schedule is here.
  • From Krakow through Warsaw to Grodno train goes every day. 
  • From Ukraine to Grodno you can get from Odessa by train. Also you can get from Lviv by train/

Visa regime: if you need an invitation, you should write to the mail

2. Accommodation and meals

Accommodation in Dormitory No. 5 of the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno (Address: Grodno, Limoges street, 27/1) in double or triple rooms with single or double beds on request. Each room has a small kitchen, a closet, a TV, a balcony, an individual toilet and a bathroom. Bedlinen, towels and toiletry are provided. 4 meals daily in the dining room of the University.

3. The educational building and how to get from GrSU to the dormitory.

Virtual tour around the University of GrSU:

From the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno (Address: Grodno, Ozheshko street, 22) to the dormitory №5 you can get by public transport:

from the dormitory (stop Limoges) buses No. 5, No. 9, No. 16 directly to the university (University stop). Bus schedule: Bus traffic online:

shuttle bus number 2, number 17 near the university (stop Railway station). The schedule of route taxis:

as well as a taxi (tel 155, 156)

But we recommend walking ... :) It takes approximately 20 minutes. 

4. Excursions

On a day off an exciting tour around the castles is waiting for you. In Mir you will get acquainted with the pearl of Belarusian architecture - Mir Castle - the first national cultural monument included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The second stop is Nesvizh, one of the most beautiful corners of Belarus. You will see remarkable monuments that gave the name to the city of "northern Paris", "the uncrowned capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania": it was Slutskaya Brama (1690s), Town Hall Square with the Town Hall, the Farny Church, the building of the printing house and the monument to the great Belarusian enlightener Symon Budnyi, the famous garden complex. Also you will visit the famous Nesvizh Castle - the former residence of the powerful magnate family of Belarus Radziwill. One evening you can visit the sightseeing tour of Grodno.