Hello Muscat Programming Bootcamp 2019

Harbour.Space University in collaboration with Moscow Workshops ICPC are joining forces to build Hello Muscat Programming Bootcamp hosted in GUtech Campus in Oman from 9th to 15th of March, 2019. The Hello Muscat Programming Bootcamp will run in parallel with the traditional Moscow pre-Finals ICPC Workshop hosted in MIPT.

Filipp Ruckhovich will be the Head of Programming Committee for Muscat and the Head of Programming Committee for Moscow will be Michael Tikhomirov. The Chief Judge of both camps will be Oleg Khristenko, and the General Coordinator is going to be Alexey Maleev, the founder of Moscow Workshops ICPC.

Since the main purpose of the training camps is to prepare student teams for successful participation in ICPC, the bootcamp will be available for teams of different levels. The two divisions — Div B and Div C — will give teams that plan to reach the ICPC final next year and teams that are just starting their way into the world of sports programming, to immerse themselves in the training environment.

Participants from Oman and Moscow will train on the same sets of tasks in each of the divisions, so regardless of location teams will see their position in the General Leaderboard.




As our schedule continues to evolve, so will our details! Thank you for your patience.
March 8 - Suggested Arrival Date
March 9, 10, 11 - Training
March 12 - Leisure Activities
March 13, 14 - Training
March 15 - Training, Closing Ceremony
March 16 - Departure