Free participation in Moscow International Workshop ICPC at MIPT 2018

Only for responsible and hardworking teams! You have a great opportunity to creat your own contest and participate in Moscow Workshops ICPC for free! Free participation means 100% discount for the registration fee (provided for 3 team members and their coach). Tickets to MIPT are not paid.
To do this, you need to prepare a contest. The contest need to contain no less than 10 problems + 2 extra. The level of the contest should be comparable with the level of regional competitions, the tasks should be diverse in theme and complexity.
Until September, 15 you need to send the set of problems and solutions to them.
Until October, 1 the problem set must be agreed with the jury (, the jury has the right to demand to replace or modify any number of the proposed problems, or refuse to hold a contest if the task set proves to be inappropriate. 
If the set is agreed, before October, 15 prepare tests, solutions and the final version of problems in English in the Polygon system ( The jury may ask you to improve the set of tests and solutions. Before October, 15 it is also necessary to present a detailed analysis of the problems in any convenient form.