Moscow Pre-Finals Workshop ACM ICPC 2017

From 10 to 17 April 2017, MIPT hosted the Moscow Pre-Finals ACM ICPC Workshop, held by Laboratory for IT-Education Development.


The main goal of the Workshop is to prepare teams for successful performance in ACM ICPC Finals. This year's championship will be held in Rapid City of South Dakota, USA, between May 20-25



Moscow Pre-Finals Workshop ACM ICPC was attended by 170 members from 44 universities of 19 countries. For the first time the Workshops featured teams from Australia, Belgium, Sweden and Turkey.



As always, the Workshop was held in the two divisions format. First division featured teams that passed into the Finals. Second division featured teams that didn't pass, but would still like to train for the next season. This year out of 60 teams that came to be coached in Dolgoprudny 29 were finalists.



This year's Workshop also hit the record number of foreign teams. In the spring of 2016, Moscow Workshops only featured 14 foreign teams, and in the fall of 2016 the number was 26.



For the first time participants could apply for remote participation in the Workshop, and it was used by 7 teams from 5 countries: China, Romania, USA, India, Latvia.



Best teams of Div. A were:



  1. University ITMO (Ivan Belonogov, Ilya Zban, Vladimir Smykalov);

  2. SPbSU “Base”(Igor Pyshkin, Aydar Sayranov, Stanislav Yershov);

  3. MIPT “Jinotega”(Konstantin Semenov, Ivan Smirnov, Artsem Zhuk).




Best teams of Div. B were:



  1. MIPT “MMS”(Stepan Kalinin, Mikhail Makarov, Mikhail Mosiagin).;

  2. MISiS 09 (Yanish Piskevich, Sergey Ilyukhin, Ayuka Erdneev);

  3. SPbSU “Up to you”(Leonid Kanteev, Kirill Smirnov, Sabrina Musatyan)




Traditionally Moscow Workshops hosts 5 matches in Div. A. Teams of Div. A were divided regionally:



  • Western Europe (Finland, Sweden, Poland, Belgium and Lithuania),

  • Eastern Europe (Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia),

  • NEERC northern region (universities of St. Petersburg and Petrozavodsk),

  • NEERC Ural and Siberia (Yekaterinburg, Perm, Tomsk, Novosibirsk)

  • Asia and the Pacific (China, Japan, Australia and Kazakhstan),

  • MIPT team.




According to the results of the matches, the MIPT team won!



Moscow ACM ICPC Workshops is held twice a year at MIPT. The next Workshop will take place in November.