Hello India x Russia Programming Bootcamp

Harbour.Space University in collaboration with Moscow Workshops ACM-ICPC and Amrita University are joining forces to build the first Hello India x Russia Programming Bootcamp.

The bootcamp takes place from March 22-30, 2018 at Amrita University (southern India). During intense 8 days of programing the participants will learn, practice and compete in the international stage preparing themselves for the World Finals in Beijing. 

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All participants will be separated by three divisions of difficulty.

Division A' is designed to help teams prepare for the next season of ACM-ICPC regionals an international competitions. Appropriate as an introduction for teams and students just getting their foot in the door of the world of ACM-ICPC and competitive programming competitions in general.

Division B' is designed for newcomers to the world of ACM-ICPC competitive programming.

The bootcamp will take place at the same time as the Moscow Pre-Finals ACM ICPC Workshop 2018. Every day each camp will be competing in parallel, 7,500 kilometres from each other. All the coaches from previous boot camps will be returning to coach and lecture for this event!